31 Days of Ministry Online

When I started talking with Amy Bayliss about starting 2011 off with 31 Days of Ministry Online, so much ran through my head I want to share. My heart is women’s ministry specifically and with my talents, I want to see women’s ministry do things right online. I’ll be quite honest. I struggled with whether to put this on my personal blog or this one.

Because I will be writing about WordPress (information anyone can use), I will put the posts here. I hope and pray you will get some good information from these posts. WordPress is just a tool though — don’t lose sight of that.

Please check out the main site at A Woman Inspired Conference. All of the bloggers who are participating are linked there and you can jump to their blog and back. Here’s a list of everyone participating and their topics:

Amy Bayliss {Cajun Inspired} : 31 Days of Heart Matters

{A Martha’s Heart} : 31 Days of Prayer

Karin {Mommy Matters} : 31 Days of Intentional Parenting

Jenny {867-53oh9} : 31 Days of Social Media

Karen {Simply A Musing} : 31 Days of Praise

Dawn {My Home Sweet Home} : 31 Days of Encouragement

“We want to declare that 2011 will be a year for Him and His purposes.” — Amy Bayliss

Howdy y’all

Welcome to this lil ol’ blog o’ mine!

I just realized the way I talk may throw y’all for a loop. I’m kind of a weird mixture of southern country girl and techie geek. It seems to work for me. Chances are that I can interpret that geek speak for just about anyone to understand — or at least just go and fix stuff without you having to worry about what I’m doing!

I’ll be posting tips, tricks and how-tos for blogging, tweeting, facebooking, googling … anything internet and techie related. I promise to keep the geek speak to a minimum. I’d be honored if y’all would sign up to receive my posts in your email. Just look in the right column over there and put in your email address. Don’t forget! You will get a confirmation email — meaning you won’t actually be signed up until you actually click the link and confirm you are real. I know y’all are real. But the computer handling the email doesn’t :)

Let’s get this party started!

To celebrate me actually getting something online for myself, I’m giving away a hosting package. I’ll register a domain name for you (if available) or use one you have now. I’ll host your web site for 1 year and get you setup with a basic WordPress install so you can play around with the awesomeness that is WordPress. I’ll also provide you with a  copy of Genesis + Prose. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means right now. It’s a really cool theme package that will allow you to change colors, fonts and sizes as well as other customizations. The value of all this is about $250.

To enter? Ask me your internet questions. Anything really. Don’t know why you should Twitter? Wondering what’s so special about WordPress? Go ahead. Ask. I’m not kidding. Ask.

This celebration will end Sunday, December 19th around midnight — so enter now! I’ll notify the winner next Monday. Have a great week!

Starting January 1st

I’m going to be participating in a 31 Days of … thing for online ministries. Some friends of mine did this type of thing back in October where they focused on different special areas like photography or grace. Darcy has a wonderful introduction to their group here. More information will be coming, but go ahead and sign-up in the box over in the right. If you do, you’ll be sure to get my 31 Days of WordPress goodness :)

Lisa Morrone

Lisa Morrone


  • Setup WordPress
  • Made custom theme from designer-supplied Photoshop files based on the Genesis framework
  • Input all content

Client: Lisa Morrone

Designer: Ron Dylnicki

Melissa Taylor

Melissa Taylor


  • Setup WordPress
  • Made custom theme based on the Thesis framework (graphics supplied by designer)
  • Transferred all posts and comments from Blogger to WordPress
  • Setup redirects so old links to Blogger would redirect to new links in WordPress

Client: Melissa Taylor

Designer: Carol @ The Design Diva