Day 1: vs.

There are 2 options for using WordPress. The first option is to setup a blog on Your blog url will become a subdomain of WordPress (ie. The second option includes download the WordPress software and installing it under your own web hosting account. This will use your own domain name (ie.

First let’s talk about money. I know it’s an issue with everyone. Many people start a blog on Blogger because it is free. is free as well but you are limited by what you can do with it. In order to do some customizations on, you’d have to pay some small fees. Using software, you only have to pay a small fee for the web hosting. I think you can have a really nice website setup for a small amount a money.


  • completely free (limited on themes and plugins)
  • restricted with some of the things you can customize and do
  • subdomain of their site (advertising for them)
  • premium features require payment
    • remove their ads ($29.97/year)
    • use own domain ($12 – $17/year)
    • custom css – to change colors, layout, etc ($14.97/year)


  • software is free
  • you retain ownership of your blog (images, copy, etc.)
  • complete control over plugins (what your blog can do)
  • complete control over themes (what your blog looks like)
  • costs involved
    • web hosting (~$60/year)
    • domain name registration ($9.95/year) can be expanded as you want to grow your site. I call them sites because is more of a content management system — you don’t have to use the blog function if you don’t want to blog. You can have an entire site setup in WordPress (either .org or .com).

If you don’t understand some of the terms I used above (plugins, themes, css, etc.) don’t worry! I’ll be explaining more about these as we journey forth. The rest of my tutorials will be referencing software.

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  1. says

    I look forward to learning more about using wordpress as this is something I am really interested in. I am using blogger right now, basically because it’s easy.

    Thank you and I look forward to learning more. ~Lori

  2. says

    Foung you thru AWI and like what I see…I appreciate what you do for the kingdom….

    I too blog but on who does a go daddy quick blogcast package. I am growing out of it and need to move. But to where=) I am slightly intimidated by wordpress and started a mini test site at blogger but am not sure if it will grow with me…

    Thanks for the tips….